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Goals = Going Out After Longings!

Goals = Going Out After Longings HWA graphic

Last week, the Two Word Tuesday for the month of February, 2016, was Like Yourself. Part of liking yourself is knowing what you like and don't like in life, career, business, products, food, etc. When you know what you like, those are the things you choose, typically over and over. It's that perfect sandwich from the deli that you won't stray from because you enjoy lunch with the #7. You like your favorite lipstick (obviously!), so you apply it and feel good about yourself; but use an off-color for your skin tone and you don't feel as good when you look in the mirror. See where I'm going with this? That "like" delivers the underlying satisfaction, and drives your actions. Of course, a sandwich and lipstick are simple items, but what about bigger career and business aspects of life?

That brings me to the above graphic, Goals = Going Out After Longings! Longings equal likes!! Goals are the destination of the plans, preparations, and work to attain those longings. I suppose you could use the word "likes" instead of "longings" here, but I'd argue that "longings" are a higher vibration of things we like thus propelling us to achieve them. For example, you like the way you look as a size 6, and not your current size 10, the longing to get back into a size 6 will push you to Eat Better and exercise more to meet that goal. You have to long for something you like to be motivated to go out after that longing and get it. Think on that for a moment. You have to looooooong for something you liiiiiike to be motivated to go out after that longing and thereby accomplish the goal. 

Let's be clear. I am not advocating that you avoid risks, or not explore other options, but basic choices in our everyday life are driven by personal likes that gratify us in small but important ways. Grand, lofty goals require longing, otherwise they won't be met. Discovering, defining, and acknowledging your personal likes helps you have a deeper understanding of your ultimate goals.

Think about any area where you want to set and reach a goal. If you long for the outcome, that is the force that will continually support all the other necessary, and often mundane, steps that have to be taken in order to grasp it. The good news is that if the longing is based on your likes, the work is better, brighter, & easier each step of the way! So go out after your longings and achieve your goals!!


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