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Trade books two word tuesday

Perhaps you implemented Two Word Tuesday #3, Clear Clutter, and in doing so you discovered a few read or unread books hiding about the house. This is a great time of year to TRADE BOOKS. It's after the holidays when many of us received new books as gifts. This usually means there is at least one unopened book sitting on your "to read" pile that just got demoted to "read someday." Sad but true, but there are only so many hours in the day, and too many books to conquer. 

Trade the book with a fellow bookworm who will enjoy it. Think of sharing books like a fun, unwrapped grab-bag game. Have a few girls over, uncork the wine, and invite them to swap a couple of books from their collection... Place the books on a table for everyone to peruse and choose. No one leaves empty-handed, and everyone goes home with a new adventure. Then donate the ones that weren't scooped up. Win, win! 

Plus, you never know, if you often trade books in your circles, you might end up re-exchanging that book you gave up on way back when. Clearing shelves, reorganizing, and making space is a good way to re-energize stagnant areas around your house; things that sit idle lose their luster and appeal, increasing the likelihood those items will never be used. Think about the boxes of "stuff" you are holding onto in your basement. (You know what I mean.) In fact, I just found the Wii system in one of those boxes. It's getting setup soon... Ski jumping, here I come!!

It's the same with books, read them and the pages come alive. Leave them untouched in a box or on a shelf and the characters lie dormant. So next time you have people over, or go visiting known book lovers, bring a book or two and ask if anyone wants to swap. Chances are, they have a few books that they will be happy to part with and happier to replace with a new one. It's fun, friendly, and free! Can't beat that! 

EXTRA: If you do this soon, chances are a copy of Gone Girl will be on the swap table. Even if you've seen the movie, if you haven't read the book, GRAB it. Read my book review of "Gone Girl" here, no spoilers, I promise!


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Luci Weston

Thanks Michelle. I went through my stacks and made a bag to trade, but also discovered a couple of books that I started a while ago and put down. I like to finish what I start, so I'll be knocking those off one by one, then those will join the trading bag. :)


Great idea. I'm cleaning my bookshelves this weekend!

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