Two Word Tuesday #11: Pace Yourself
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Two Word Tuesday #12: Ponder Needs

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You've probably been seeing a lot of articles, discussions, and quotes, about setting goals in the upcoming new year. That is great, and goals are very important to achieving anything... BUT, allow me to suggest an intermediate step before you set your goals. Take some time, and by this I mean, MAKE some time to PONDER NEEDS.

Ponder needs that are beyond a roof over your head, food on your plate, money in your pocket, or a booming business. Think about what you need as a person to be the best, or at least, a happier, healthier YOU in 2016. Do you need more friends? Time to read that book on your nightstand? More laughter? Love? Fun? Spirituality? Peace?  

Don't confuse "want" with "need" when you think on this Two Word Tuesday. There is a big difference between the two; the "want" is gratification based (usually satiated by money in one form or another), the "need" fulfills you on a deeper, human level (connecting mind, body, spirit).

So today, tomorrow, and all week, ponder needs and forget setting those goals just yet (yes, I am advocating holding off on goal setting - which is so against my grain - but I'm with you on every Two Word Tuesday, and this one is no exception). Soul search and be honest with yourself, allow the answers to show up. ~ Luci

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