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Two Word Tuesday #11: Pace Yourself

Pace yourself

We are into the official holiday season. No matter which holiday you celebrate, there are many things to do, places to go, and lists to check off. And that is just the beginning! 

I offer up this week's Two Word Tuesday, Pace Yourself! It will all get done, the important stuff always does... AND if it doesn't, or it isn't perfect, so what?! There are worse things that could happen.

'Tis the season for time to swirl by and twirl us around in many directions. Pace Yourself - say it to yourself with me - "Pace Yourself _____"(fill in your name :)). If you find yourself twirling, then you aren't in the moment, and you certainly won't enjoy what you are doing. And none of it is worth getting sick over or exhausted. Pace yourself. 

Bonus Info: Need a little help in this area, listen to one of my most popular podcasts, The Should Show - Give Your Shoulders A Rest


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