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Two Word Tuesday #10: Eyes Open

Two Word Tuesday #9 - Today, Tomorrow, and Throughout the Years: Thank YOU

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Who or what is the "you" in your "Thank YOU!"? Perhaps it's a neighbor, coworker, spouse, friend, your health, home, your God, the Universe… Whatever or whomever motivates your gratitude, really mean it. Think it, feel it, say it, or write a thank you note!

The more you say thank you for the things in your life, the more things in your life you will have to say thank you for. ~ Luci Weston

And with that nudge, I'd like to use this article to convey a special, heartfelt thank you to YOU! Thank you for allowing me to visit your email boxes, chat with you about film and TV, talk to you through the Here We Are podcast, and share more of my better, brighter, easier tips and hints in the Here We Are videos.

I realize how busy everyone is, and the time you take to engage with me through the various HWA channels means a lot and I value each and every reader, listener, and viewer today, tomorrow, and throughout the years. Thank you.  


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