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Table Setting Chart Fit For A Queen & Your Holiday Dinner

Table Place Setting traditional formal diagramAccording to NBC, this is the official, traditional place setting used on the tables during Prince William of England and Princess Kate's wedding reception. While you may not be entertaining royalty, this table setting chart offers a formal, and very extensive diagram for ALL of the flatware, stemware, dish, and napkin placements that might be used. I think it is a comprehensive guide that you can adapt as a template and easily adjust according to your needs and menu options. No more wondering where the napkin goes, or how the red and white wine glasses line up, or what to do with that tiny seafood fork!

Speaking of stemware and preparing for a holiday or dinner party… Check out a few of the Here We Are articles and videos to help make your soirée better, brighter, and easier

Personalize your table by dressing your table with an EASY-To-Make No Sew Tablecloth, it's a simple DIY project that looks great and can save you a lot of money on store-bought linens, especially if you have a large dining table. Once that's done, if you have silver to polish, try my favorite, Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths, no offensive odor and it really works well to get your shine on! 

If you are serving wine - and who isn't these days? - watch my simple trick for how to open a wine bottle the quick and easy way so you don't have to worry about the cork breaking off. After the red, white, and rosé are finished, and it's time to do the dishes, follow my tips on taking care of your sparking crystal stemware.

For the cooks in the kitchen, don't forget my recipes for classic cranberry sauce, and how to use up those extra cranberries that didn't make it into the relish by using them for cranberry butter (yes, it tastes as good as it sounds!). And what would a gathering be without a healthy selection of "picking" food to serve with the wine? Take a look at my grandmother's super simple solution to keep a hungry crowd nibbling with a fruit and cheese holiday platter.

Everyone loves coffee and tea after dinner, so why not make a prettier presentation of the sugar by making sugar shapes to accompany the milk and cream. It's easy to do but looks like it took a lot of work!

And lastly, if the party is at someone else's house, and you are stumped for a host/hostess gift, put together a beautiful floral centerpiece in a pie plate. Watch how simple it is to make a lovely gift that is ready for the hostess to display at the party, and useful afterward for baking; plus, it's cost effective, and not in the food category. 

Hope these Here We Are tips, how-to's, and recipes, help make your party a smash!! Like or tried any of these? Have a few tips of your own? Let me know, would love to hear your ideas and feedback. ~ Luci


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