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A Vanity Table Offers "Me Time" and More

Vanity TablePart 21 of the Here We Are Series: Live Your Life Out Loud

In the podcast, Loving Yourself (Part 1), I suggested several exercises to get you going on this journey. One of the tips - part of the "collective beauty" analysis and approach - is to set up a vanity table. You can also call it your sacred space, a prayer alter, or whatever feels right and fits your needs. The important requirement is that the space is personal to you and you alone.

As a woman, it is essential to proactively think of yourself and do the things you need to do to maintain "who" you are. This applies to personality and self-esteem, as much as it does to appearances. It is about looking good as a direct result of feeling good, with or without mascara. To achieve this we must apply self-care; there are no "if, and, or but" excuses, this is a MUST to getting on the path to loving yourself more. It's about becoming self-aware of your needs, fulfilling them, and feeding your spirit. 

In setting up your space, think along the lines of it becoming a "Me Time" table. A place where only items that you love and hold good energy will surround you. No kid's toys, pictures of family, or sharing of this space is allowed since it is your special area. Give items the "Me Time" test by asking, "Is this ___ only about me?" Making it only about yourself eliminates distractions when you are in this space.

Nothing has to be fancy, but a comfortable chair, your favorite items, and good lighting are an excellent start. Think of this place as a spot to get ready to face the world after you've taken time there - even just 5 or 10 minutes a day - so that you can put your best face forward. Do your makeup, comb your hair, meditate, whatever works for you, just do it! 

For me, this space is my vanity table; you can see mine in the picture above. Whether or not you wear makeup, I strongly recommend putting a mirror there for basic grooming needs because it makes you sit still for a few minutes each day. As my grandmother, Lucy, would say, "There is nothing wrong with being a little vain." She was right. (And this was a strong woman who could kick ass and take names while wearing just the right shade of lipstick.)

Think of this exercise and the practice (yes, it takes most of us "practice") of loving yourself as the good kind of selfish. As I say in the podcast, 

Selfishness is not a bad thing… You can be selfish to the detriment of others BUT you can also be selfish to the benefit of yourself.

Sometimes Living Your Life Out Loud means finding quiet time to think, reflect, breathe, and center yourself. If that happens while your are putting on eyeliner, terrific! If it happens at a table as you gaze into a burning candle, great! Do this for yourself. Revel in this time… Let calmness, self-appreciation, and love happen here. ~ Luci

For more on this tip and the other steps suggested in the podcast, please use the link in the first paragraph above or you can also listen on iTunes, thank you!


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