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Two Word Tuesday #5: Value Resources

Value Resources two word tuesday

Hello! It's Tuesday again… Hope you had a great week and did indeed, Kiss Someone.

Today's #TwoWordTuesday is Value Resources. More than in other years, it seems this fall season has offered an amazing rainbow of foliage. Nondescript trees have come alive with individuality through the burning oranges, dazzling reds, and shimmering yellows of autumn. Nature is all around us in ways we sometimes take for granted, and subsequently fail to notice.

Whether it's the water from the kitchen tap, forests cleaning the air we breathe, or gasoline that fills your tank, resources of any kind are valuable commodities. I could go on about living greener, conserving energy, catching rainwater - blah, blah, blah - but today I really want you to make note of all the resources that touch your life every minute of every day. Gratitude will take care of the rest!


Hope you like this #TwoWordTuesday, feel free to share the picture and use the hashtag… Let me know your thoughts or tell me if a Two Word Tuesday quote helps you by emailing me or commenting below, thank you!

I always love hearing from the Here We Are readers! ~ Luci


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