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Two Word Tuesday #3: Clear Clutter

Clear Clutter Two Word TuesdayOne of the most important things you can do to create more peace and calm in your life is to CLEAR CLUTTER. Yes, that sounds like work, but the reward is worth every minute you spend clearing out the old, unused, worn out, unidentifiable items that surround and clog up your life. 

Your overstuffed kitchen junk drawer, confused closets, basement boxes, and messy desk, do nothing but block your good energy, clear thinking, and productivity. Clutter also wastes resources because you forget what you own; if you aren't using it, let someone have it who will. 

The best way to start is by choosing a small project when you know you have enough time to complete the task. Use a timer to play a little "beat the clock" game if that helps… I find this keeps me moving and on track. Check out how a countdown timer helps maximize your productivity in an easy, stress-free manner.

Now is a great time to pick a few areas that need an overhaul, revamp, or organization, and get busy! Once the holiday season kicks in, it's harder to address this kind of thing (but even more important because new stuff is coming in). Get a handle on it today! Remember, start small and finish one area at a time.

TIP FOR AFTER THE CLUTTER CLEARING: For every item you bring into your home, i.e., life, you should get rid of one existing item. It doesn't have to be an even swap, like shoes for shoes (although I use this method because it makes sense to me); just be sure to donate, toss, giveaway, recycle one thing that is no longer helpful or meaningful to you when a new item arrives. 

BONUS: Need a little help on tackling your closet? Here are two popular articles that can lend you a hand… Closet Cleaning: Clearing The Way For A Wearable Wardrobe and the less intensive option, 10 Easy Tips To Organize Your Closet (without trying anything on!).

Hope you like this Two Word Tuesday… Let me know your thoughts or tell me if a #TwoWordTuesday quote helps you by emailing me or commenting below, thank you. I always love hearing from the Here We Are readers! ~ Luci

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