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Pizza On The Grill: Sizzlingly Simple!

Pizza for grilling recipeA while back I posted this homemade pizza recipe on my Instagram page and it received a lot of action. Who doesn't like pizza? Especially when you can make it at home, any way you like, and on the grill!

This recipe belongs to my sister-in-law, Lynn, who has been perfecting it for the last few summers. She even makes it during the winter on the grill, but not as often as we all would like! This is a sizzlingly simple recipe that is handy for a better, brighter, easier meal anytime of the year.

How to make your own delicious pizza on the grill, the fast and EASY way:

🍕Set the grill on LOW heat (very important).

🍕Using store-bought pizza dough, roll it out into either a larger size pizza or smaller "personal" size pizzas. Important TIP: this works better if the dough is a bit thicker (it's needs a little "umph" to keep its shape on the grill rack, and dough that is too thin will burn).

🍕Place the dough on the grill.

🍕Give it a few minutes only and check it. AS SOON AS the top of the dough starts to bubble, FLIP it over using a big spatula, pizza peel, or slide it onto a rimless cookie sheet {TIP: you can also use a rimmed one turned upside-down}, then flip it. NOTE: You will only need to flip each pizza disk once.

🍕Once flipped, begin to top the pizza with sauce, cheese, veggies, herbs, etc. FOOD SAFETY NOTE: Meat, like sausage or meatballs, has to be cooked properly (ahead of time) and added - already cooked - to this step. TIP for making individual pizzas: Have toppings pre-selected in small bowls for each personal pie to add over the sauce; you want to top each one quickly so they all cook at the same time.

🍕As soon as the cheese is melted, the pizza is DONE!

🍕Slide it back off the grill, slice, and enjoy! Delizioso!

And thanks to Lynn for all the pizzas and sharing with the Here We Are foodies!

#ALERT: If you make this pizza, remember to take a picture and hashtag it on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using: #BetterBrighterEasier -- I'd love to see it and share it! Thanks! ~ Luci

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