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Loving Yourself, Part 1 Podcast: What It Means, Why You Need To, And How To Start Today

Here We Are Talk Show podcast banner, #BetterBrighterEasierPart 20 of the Here We Are Series: Live Your Life Out Loud

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This podcast, like all the topics on the Here We Are Talk Show, are meant to help people. I just can't help myself, I really like helping… That being said, I'm excited to introduce this podcast series under the growing Live Your Life Out Loud category and continuing HWA series. While I love writing for you, I also love talking to you! 

If you are stuck, out of energy, or have forgotten "who" you are, then this show will give you pointers and tips on getting out of the rut, reviving your energy reserve, and rediscovering yourself. I share my approach and methods to living freely, authentically, and on your own terms… And I can confidently tell you that they work! This podcast breaks down how to start, improve, or get a handle on loving yourself in a way that makes you better, your life brighter, and your days easier. 

There are three important steps to getting yourself on track, all are discussed in detail with how-to's, suggestions, and exercises to support you on your journey. I cover the important "Collective Beauty" assessment; offer a definitive "Time Saving" method {you may remember my niece's brilliant NOT Today statement}; and ways to achieve "No More WOE (Waste Of Energy)" in your daily life {for more on this step, check out the supporting article No More Woe}. This show is a restart button for you, and as I say in the podcast, "It's not easy, but it's doable with these tips!"

Implementing ALL three of these steps will give you the impetus to more thoroughly love yourself. Join me on this journey, share the podcast with a friend (you know someone who needs this), and use my personal tools that I expose to you, the Here We Are listener. And thank you for listening, I love, love, love talking with you. ~ Luci

NOTE from Luci at HWA: Please give yourself the gift of time to try out the suggestions in Part 1 before we move on to Part 2, Loving Yourself: Home Care vs. House Work, A New Approach To An Old Chore. You'll be glad you did, I promise!

And then check out Part 3, Loving Yourself: Ho Ho Ho, No No No... Holiday Time Management Tips.

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Luci Weston

Thank you! What kind words. Makes me want to share more.

Michelle F.

Thank you for the words of wisdom and positive re-enforcement.

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