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How To Open A Wine Bottle The Quick and Easy Way! (Video)

Luci Weston in How To Open A Wine Bottle video

In this One By One video, Luci shows you how to open a wine bottle the easy and fast way. Watch her technique to keep the cork whole and removed intact using an old-fashioned cork screw. You will never struggle again with a broken or stuck cork!

It is always frustrating when the cork breaks off and bits fall into the wine, then you have to strain it before pouring… It's messy and slows down the enjoyment process! Plus, you can never remove all of the cork bits. Watch just how simple it is to avoid that problem!

So if you don't own a battery or electric cork screw, you'll never need to buy one after seeing this video. Instead, find that typical corkscrew hiding in the kitchen drawer and put it to work using my simple trick and a little elbow grease. Then serve that wine in your Sparkling Stemware along with a Fruit and Cheese Holiday Party Platter. Uncork and Enjoy!


Behind the scenes info at Here We Are: This was the first video I shot when we started producing this series. It took three days of 15 One By One set-ups to film the first batch, but those days were loaded with laughter, bloopers, and professional satisfaction. There are many more videos being edited, and more on deck to shoot. I do hope you are enjoying watching them as much as I enjoy filming them!

NOTE: You'll notice in this wine video that it shows the One By One Video Series introduction, this has been swapped out in later videos for a slideshow (which just got re-edited!). I want each and every piece of content - be it a video, podcast, or article - to the best that it can be. If you like what you see, please consider sharing, liking, tweeting, +1'g, and/or pinning it… Keep me posted when you use my better, brighter, easier tips and hints!


If you are interested in shopping for products similar or the same that Luci uses in her videos, writes about, and/or reviews on the blog, you will find many gathered in one spot for your convenience on her Amazon products page. (While Luci is an Amazon Affiliate, and an Amazon Influencer, shopping these links won't cost you a penny more, but it helps to keep the Better, Brighter, Easier How-To's, Tips, and Info coming to you for free. Thank you!) 


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