How To Use Cored Pineapple Shells As Decorative Serving Bowls, Tip #2 (Video)
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How To Make A Tropical Pineapple Drink Served In The Pineapple Shell, TIP #3 (Video)

Pineapple Shell Tip #3  with Luci Weston

In this ONE BY ONE video, Luci shares an easy, tasty drink recipe that can be served in the pineapple shells after you've cored out the fruit.

Don't throw away the shells after coring, consider using them instead of traditional drink ware for frozen tropical drinks. Remember to plan ahead so you have enough pineapples for each guest to have their own shell. Since this is a blender drink, you can make up to 2 servings in the blender which will fill two shells. Making multiples with different liquors is a quick process once you have all the ingredients and kitchen tools gathered. In this video, I am using a Krups blender that I've had for years, here are similar blenders available on Amazon. BONUS: holding the shells instead of glassware is a bit like being on vacation AND it saves you clean-up after the BBQ or party.

The third of my 3 Tips on using the cored shells in fun ways is a very simple way to achieve a useful and pretty look on the table with Mother Nature's help! Plus, people LOVE drinks in the shell with or without alcohol… I don't know why, but serving drinks this way is always a hit!

Check out my video for more on How To Core A Pineapple the fast and easy way… Also, all the videos regarding the pineapple shells are listed for your convenience IN the video as "YouTube Cards" (they will pop up during the video, look for the "i" icon) -- then all you have to do is click the one you want to watch. Hope they will give you creative ideas for your next party or barbecue!

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