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Okay, so we all know that nobody likes to see cellulite on their body… But it's a fact of life for most women. And while there doesn't seem to be a cure (the inventor of one will be a billionaire!) we can help it along with proper diet and exercise, as well as applying some tightening creams and gels. Those store bought topical treatments are pricey, and most of them contain caffeine. Yup, caffeine! So save some money by making your own homemade coffee scrub to use on the areas of your body that have cellulite.

Here is my simple solution to temporarily tighten thighs! In this ONE BY ONE video, learn how to make your own cellulite scrub for pennies a day. If you are a coffee drinker, this is a perfect way to put those brewed grinds to use; if you are not, buy the least expensive brand on sale to brew a few pots of joe. 

Make your mixture by first thoroughly draining the grinds. Then mix the coffee grinds together with equal parts of salt and sugar (I prefer using more salt - use only SMALL grain salt to avoid scratching your skin). Mix it up with a fork, and use about half a cup of mixture per thigh/leg area when in the shower. TIP: turn the water off, slowly scrub your cellulite in circular motions, then rinse off (try to be neat when scrubbing otherwise it can make a mess in your shower).

If you do this for a few days in a row, you will start to see the areas tightening up from the skin absorbing the caffeine. The tightening results are temporary unless you continue to use the scrub on daily basis; but it's a great DIY beauty treatment to do for a few days before getting into your bikini and hitting the beach for a weekend! 

WARNING: Do NOT add oil, it will make your shower slippery and dangerous. NOTE: Avoid if you are caffeine sensitive AND please be sure your plumbing can handle any type of scrub solution.

Let us know if you see an improvement in you skin tone with this beauty tip. BONUS: this scrub works as a good exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells, soap residue, self-tanner, sunscreen, etc. leaving behind a fresh surface ready for your favorite moisturizer. 

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