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Pie Plate Flower Centerpiece After

In this ONE BY ONE video, you will learn how to make a lovely hostess gift for about $20(US)! This floral centerpiece is perfect for bringing along to your next BBQ or house party. Whether the hostess places it on the table, the sidebar, or a serving station, it is ready to go! She won't have to waste time putting flowers in a vase; plus, she gets to keep the pie plate.

This flower arrangement is perfect as a housewarming gift, too; especially, for someone who likes to bake! Or use the idea for your next bridal shower, baby shower, or luncheon table decorations. At the end of the event, a lucky lady at each table will get to take a centerpiece home.

It is a very simple, DIY project; the picture above doesn't do it justice. You will need fresh flowers (roses, gerber daisies, large zinnias work well), some ribbon, a scissor to trim the width and length of the ribbon, a pie plate, wet paper towels, and a piece of cardboard… Then just cut each flower stem leaving about 1 to 2 inches attached to the flower so that it can still absorb water. Watch the video to see how EASY it is to make a floral centerpiece in a pie plate… And believe me, everyone will tell you how lovely and clever an idea it is!


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Luci Weston

True Lynn! I just really like it, too. It's a different way to bring someone fresh flowers and they get a long lasting gift as well. Thanks for popping by and commenting!


Really love this! Not only a great gift to get for a baker, but a great gift to give, if you're not a baker.

Luci Weston

Soooooo EASY! And it's a thoughtful gift for a baker. Technically, you could use a tart plate, or an interesting cake pan, too, but the pie plate seems retro-chic! Thanks for commenting, always love hearing from you! :)

Michelle F.

So clever! Can't wait to make one for my next dinner invite.

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