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Luci Weston in kitchen demonstrating how to core a pineapple

If you love pineapple but struggle with getting the fresh, juicy meat out of the shell… Then you need a pineapple corer in your kitchen. This affordable gadget makes easy work of removing the delicious, nutritious meat of this tropical fruit. With a knife, a bowl, and a little elbow grease applied to the coring gadget, you will never buy canned pineapple again!

Watch the ONE BY ONE video below to see just how quick and clean this simple kitchen task can be:

Also, check out my earlier article The Pineapple Peeler, Corer, Slicer: A Smooth & Easy Way To Extract The Sweet Meat From This Prickly Fruit for detailed photos on this process. 

Once you've gotten the fruit out of the shell, try my popular, simple recipe for Pineapple Coconut Angel Food Cake: An Easy Tropical Treat. I love this cake, and I know you will, too.

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