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Lipstick smudges blotting pink, red, taupe, mauveLuci's Money-Saving How-To Beauty Tip To Sanitize Your Favorite Lip Color, One By One Video

We all have a favorite lipstick that has been hanging around for a while… You know you should probably throw it away, BUT there is a way to extend the life of your lipstick*. It's simple, quick, and you will get you at least another season out of that tube for pennies!

Check out my video demonstration on how to clean your lipsticks and lip brushes… Then go out and kiss someone!!💋

TIP: After dipping the lipstick in the disinfecting alcohol bath - and you've allowed the lipstick to dry - you might want to give the lipstick a quick wipe with a tissue to break the alcohol "seal"… sometimes this isn't necessary, but some brands benefit from this extra step to keep them applying smoothly to your lips.

*Please note: Alcohol will kill any viruses, but not necessarily bacteria so you shouldn't try to keep them forever. Disinfecting is a temporary way to extend the life of your current favorite color. 

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Luci Weston

Thank you, Lynn! Hope it helps preserve your favorite color lipstick. By the way, there are lots more One By One videos to come.


very cute! great idea!

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