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Smile: Project A Potent Potion Of Pretty


Ranunculus and pink roses bouquet
Ranunculus = Radiant Charm & Attractiveness


It's true, a smile is the best AND most important thing you can wear… A smile is a potent potion of your inner energy mixed with your outer beauty projected to connect you with others. Just think about it. Everyone is attracted to a smile, it's human nature. Smile at others, and you are sure to get a smile back; it doesn't really matter what you look like physically, a genuine smile instantly makes you pretty. 

We all do some shopping, primping, and beauty maintenance to make ourselves stylish, fashionable, and more attractive. Regardless of what the label on your dress says, how perfect your makeup is applied, or the latest hairstyle, if your face reads "sourpuss," you won't be approachable, likable, or influential… AND that isn't pretty!

Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote in 2009 about Powerful Beauty; it sums up my point today:

It finally occurred to me that there is one thing we all possess that can — and does — move people, be they young, old, familiar, or a complete stranger. It is a smile. Any old grin simply will not do. It has to be a smile that speaks from the soul. One that shines from within to connect you to another human being. Age, dress size, or less than perfect teeth do not matter. A full, heartfelt, radiant smile combined with eye-contact is the most powerful tool a woman possesses in her beauty arsenal. A beautiful smile instantly makes the face look pretty. It makes the eyes sparkle. It draws others to you more effectively than words; it even transcends language barriers. It emits a special intangible feeling for the “smiler and the smilee.” Best of all, it’s free and you can never wear too much of it!

I'm not advocating walking around like a bloody buffoon smiling and laughing at everyone around you. I am suggesting to check yourself. Are you looking people in the eye and smiling warmly? If you look down at the floor or all around the room - and not at others - YOU will not be seen. This is a form of shrinking. If you don't know what I mean by shrinking, then check out Our Deepest Fear, the first article in my Live Your Life Out Loud series [wow, I'm up to 19 LYLOL articles with the 20th coming later this month - I truly hope they help you!]. 

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Flower Lover's EXTRA: I didn't know the meaning of Ranunculus until I wrote this article, I've added it to the list in The Meaning of Flowers: Petal Picking With A Message. There are a few pink roses (my favorite) in the above picture, too; check out my article on The Color of Roses, how to send the right meaning before you select your bouquet.

KUDOS: Thanks to Author, Blogger, and PR Guru Michael Hyatt, who inspired this article with his podcast episode, The Secret Power of Smiling.

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