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It's that time again… April showers have given way to May flowers, or in this case, friends! This is the third Friend-A-Day-In-May Campaign, and each year I look forward to it all winter. I hope for those who have joined me in the past, you enjoyed this experience, too.

While we might see and speak to friends all year long, this campaign is a chance to proactively appreciate your new, old, and budding friendships. It is one daily to-do that will exceed expectations, and deliver a sense of gratitude at how lucky and liked you are! Check out the tips I use from the original Friend-A-Day launch.

Friends are an important, integral part of a well-lived life. If you want the benefits of friendship, like butterflies drawn to the brightly colored flowers in your garden, these relationships need tending to bloom. In other words, you get out of a friendship what you put into it. 

Yes, friends sometimes fly in and then out of our lives. The ones that stay deserve our time NOW. Swoop in and share your thoughts, hearts, and time with the people in your life today. Find more here on being the butterfly in your friend's garden, fluttering around and making them smile.

May Day is traditionally a day of celebration; make it a month-long one by reaching out to a friend each and every day this May. Like sweet nectar, the rewards are nourishing, free, and easily reaped! Join me… And please share this article with your friends and family, it's a simple way to reach out on day one! ~ Luci

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