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#KindredComments: Think Before You Type


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What is going on with the negative commenting on the Internet? Is there a solution? Are typed words the new bullets we must dodge living on the Wild Wild Web?

Here We Are Podcast LOGOIf you run a website, use social media, or comment on others' sites, then this Here We Are Talk Show podcast #KindredComments: Think Before You Type is for you! {Clicking the link directly above will bring you to the podcast.}

Join me and my guest, Staci Price Kresser, author of The Mom Squad articles on Here We Are, and social media consultant, as we discuss her experience after asking a question on Raising Natural Kids and how we can all be part of the solution. [Kudos to how the Raising Natural Kids site's moderator handled an abusive commenter.]

In this podcast, we talk about options for the best approach to commenting, using kindness, finding your voice, self-expression, anonymity, life online and off, and the vital importance of thinking before you type. Plus, the unlikey crew of Kim Kardashian, President Obama, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Renée Zellweger all found their way into our discussion, lending an interesting aspect to this online debate.  

In the graphic above, you will see the hashtag, #KindredComments. Please feel free to use this on your own site as a graphic, and begin to use it on your comment guidelines page and around the web on social networking sites. 

Let's get the message of #KindredComments out there by reminding commenters to use:

KIND Respectful Educational Diplomatic Comments!

Won't you join us? Comment below and let us know where you are using #KindredComments, thanks!!

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