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Luci Weston's hand wearing Silver Old Navy Butterfly Ring

Every once in a while there is a fashion trend that goes beyond a current style to invoke a statement by the wearer. Personal style and fashion sense - beyond trends - are an expression on the outside of who we are on the inside.

Over a year ago, I was looking for a butterfly ring, not a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, for me it had to be a ring. While no such ring landed in front of me at the time, this spring I was perusing the clearance jewelry at Old Navy and tah-dah, the sweetest butterfly ring appeared to light itself before me on the edge of the display. I knew, before I even tried it on, that it was mine! The bonus: it fit and was only $3.47. How's that for a find?

I've been wearing the ring in the picture above a lot this spring and summer; every time that I do, someone comments or asks about it. Personally, when I wear it, it makes me smile, and it is a shiny reminder to feel free to express myself, have fun, and to continue flying along in my life's journey. Sometimes we forget to keep flapping our wings... I wanted to share this because I was thinking that, for some of the Here We Are readers, a butterfly ring might be just what you need to carry you through a metamorphosis, too. Still unsure how a simple accessory might help? Read Bauble, Bauble... Do You Dare? for more inspiration.

Lately, there is a swarm of butterfly ring options on the market, check out the picture below of the August 2014 InStyle Magazine selection. While each, like a real butterfly, is unique in its own way, look for one that is perfect to reflect who you are... To help you take flight or continue your journey, check out this kaleidoscope of beautiful rings. Enjoy, and keep flapping!! ~ Luci

Butterfly Ring Collection in InStyle Magazine July 2014


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