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Cuckoo for Coconut Oil: 10 Easy Beauty Uses For This Money-Saving Must-Have Natural Product

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By now you've heard about coconut oil and the hundreds of suggestions for its use. Maybe you've tried it, maybe not, or you bought a jar and it's sitting on your cabinet shelf waiting for you to experiment with it (several people have told me they bought and didn't use it but aren't sure why). Not to worry... I've been experimenting with this wonderful, inexpensive, natural product for the last year and it's time to share what I've discovered. As always on Here We Are, I tested easy ways to incorporate this must-have household product into your daily beauty routine.  

If you are a regular HWA reader, you know I love coconut and have developed recipes using the meat, like Pineapple Coconut Angel Food Cake and 30 Minute Coconut Macaroons. Which is why I was so curious about the jarred oil that has become a media rage. Coconut oil is just that, the oil extracted from the inside flesh part of the drupe (or seed). Yep, it's not technically a nut, it's a seed! Who knew? But it makes sense when you think about how they hang on the palm tree and when you take a look at the real thing.

If you are into natural alternatives, or trying to reduce the amount of chemicals you put in or on your body, then crack open that jar and scoop out some luscious Coconut Oil and try these EASY ways to use it. You'll save money by replacing other products, feel, and look better for it!!   

1. Lip Balm: Slather it on at night, in the morning, and throughout the day for moist, chap-free lips. TIP: Put it on then blot it as a primer for lipstick; try it before my favorite - Maybelline's SuperStay 24 Color lip-stain - to extend the smoothness of the long-lasting color. NOTE: Even though there are claims about natural sunscreen protection in coconut oil, various definitive efficacy evidence exists so don't rely on it for this property.

2. Nostrils: Yes, it's what you think... take a Q-Tip and swirl it in the coconut oil, then apply it to your nose, but don't double-dip! This is especially important before skiing, skating, snow shoveling, etc. Cracked skin in and around the nose doesn't feel or look good, and it may be a conduit for germs to enter that can cause cold and flu

3. Eyebrows: Sweep a small amount over each brow after washing your face at night. It helps hydrate the fine hairs making them easier to maintain during the day. We condition our hair but the eyebrows are often overlooked!

4. Scalp: If you have a dry scalp, or just want to deep condition once in a while, then make parts in your hair and apply coconut oil, leave on for 20 minutes and shampoo out. TIP: Try this on a day where you aren't in need of a good hair day since you don't know how your hair will be after the treatment. Coconut oil does wash out well, but why risk it? The bonus is that your scalp will feel refreshed.

5. Dry or Frizzy Hair: Coconut oil is a great relaxer of frizz and dry ends. NOTE: A little goes a long way!! TIP: Rub some in your hands and lightly apply, let it sit for a few minutes so the hair can absorb it and respond before you add more. Apply hair spray, if needed, AFTER the coconut oil.

6. Pre-Shower Facial Serum: Okay, I'll admit that I never understood those expensive facial serums that you apply and then wash off. Well, now I see the benefit, AND I save a lot of money by using coconut oil to do the same thing. TIP: 1Before your shower, arrange your hair off your face and apply the coconut oil all over a clean face right up into your hair-line [avoid the eyes]; don't forget your neck, and upper chest area (both of which are age definers so treat them well). 2Leave on for a few minutes; the longer the better. 3Take your shower, let the water roll over your face, neck, chest; the coconut oil protects your skin from the hot water, drying shampoo, hair conditioners; plus, your pores seem to soak up the oil. Perhaps it's the warm water that opens the pores, but after a few uses as a serum you will see a difference in your skin. 4Blot dry, leaving behind some moisture, follow your regular moisturizer and makeup routine. NOTE: There is conflicting evidence whether coconut oil is non-comedogenic (does not clog pores) or comedogenic (can clog pores) so use common sense with this tip according to your skin-type. BONUS: Check out EXHALE Your Way To Beautiful Skin for other tips on achieving more supple, sexy skin.

7. Makeup Remover: I was away overnight and had forgotten my eye-makeup remover. While I don't advocate using oil around the eyes, in a pinch, coconut oil came to the rescue. I washed off as much eye makeup with warm water as possible, then applied a little oil on a tissue to remove the eyeliner and remaining mascara. After that I used soap to wash away any makeup residue; no raccoon eyes, AND I think my lashes seemed conditioned the next day. It's also convenient to remove lip stain color at the end of the day.

8. Pedicure-Pick-Me-Up: Top off your toes with coconut oil in between pedicures. It's keeps feet and cuticles smooth, extending the life of your salon treatment. TIP: Slather it on and put on cotton socks to help it absorb into skin, AND to prevent slipping.

9. After-Shave: I don't recommend shaving with coconut oil because it can be slippery, which introduces a risk of cutting oneself. Instead, try Burt's Bees Men's Shaving Cream to take the sting out of shaving for women, too. If you want to save money, coconut oil is excellent to apply after shaving legs, it's very replenishing to the freshly exfoliated skin. TIP: Rub it on and put on a pair of cotton leggings or pajamas to help seal it into your skin; and avoid transferring to other fabrics. 

10. Hands: I like it on my hands BUT it is best used at night with cotton gloves. Like with the feet, it's great on cuticles, and for deep moisture treatment. Again, a little goes a long way so if you use it during the day, apply sparingly. NOTE: The great thing about coconut oil is that it does absorb quickly, but because of the quick melting quality of the oil, measuring out the amount you'll need takes getting used to.

WARNING: ★★Do NOT carry it in your bag!! Its low melting point makes for a potential mess in your purse. The hardened oil that is typically white in the jar will melt into a clear oil in an instant!

HOUSEHOLD WARNING: Avoid the coconut oil going down the drain. It can build up in it's solid form in your pipes. It would take a while for this to happen, I suppose, but better to work with it over a towel when scooping it out of the container.

Here are a few brands of coconut oil that I like a lot:

So if you are cuckoo for coconuts, give these beauty tips a try and let us know what you think. What brand of coconut oil are you using? Do you have any beauty tips you'd care to share? Comment below and tell us. 

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