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Take Flight: Join The Second Friend-A-Day-In-May Campaign

Butterfly Friend-A-Day-In-May CampaignSpring has sprung... and life feels full of possibilities! It was a very long winter for most. Now is the time to shed our heavy coats and spread our wings! Two years ago, I launched the Friend A Day In May Challenge and it was a wonderful experience. So fulfilling that I shared my own personal lessons from the first approach to this idea.

Last year, I was surprised to find that when I didn't implement it I truly missed the rewards it reaped - connections, kindness, laughter, happiness - all the benefits of friendship. This time around, I'm calling it a "campaign" instead of a "challenge" because by the end of May, the little effort it requires initiates myriad returns on the investment.

Could you do this during any month of the year? Sure... BUT somehow it just works well in May. There is renewed energy from extra daylight, April showers produced blooming flowers, and we feel the excitement of summer on the horizon. Once again, I invite you to join me on this 30 day journey that will plant and re-enforce the seeds of friendship in your life.  

You can read more of the original how-to details but know that this is EASY and will definitely make your life better and brighter! 

Here is the one and only campaign rule:

Make like a butterfly & fly into someone's life each day in May!

I told you ➺ easy! So flap those wings, dial the phone, type a text, handwrite a note, send a gift... Just reach out.

Still not sure what to do? Here's my big TIP for a successful campaign:

Be the friend you want to have! 


Like this idea? Please share it and spread the word along with your wings!Luci Pink butterfly with spots drawing 


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