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Tis' the season for traditional gift giving, but sometimes, when you least expect it, a surprise shows up at your door regardless of time and circumstance. Sure, packages come wrapped in all shapes and sizes, but what about something a bit less obvious? Will you recognize it as a gift? Is there a fluidity that blurs the line between the giver and the recipient? Perhaps it is something you were wishing for, hoping to receive, or not even aware that you desired it... OR that you need it. No matter the season or your preconceived ideas, a package like this is a gift that has found its way to you. {Okay, HWA readers, I know you are saying, "What the heck is Luci talking about?"... Stay with me please.}

When things come to you out of the blue, from the Universe, by the Heavens, via a friend, or any other trite source, you have been given an opportunity. Don't be afraid to open the door and take the package inside, even if you are unsure of what it might mean in your life. If you leave it outside because of uncertainty, fear, or lack of clarity, you are cheating yourself. The package will be exposed to the elements, become soiled, pushed aside, stepped on, and perhaps stolen away before you ever get to really know its place in your life.

If you are lucky, it will be a good gift; if you are open to its potential, it might just be the best gift you will ever receive. There is only one way to find out... open it without delay or hesitation. Don't let the moment be lost to doubt or thoughts of undeservedness. Remember that YOU, in all of your being, ARE ENOUGH... Trust yourself to step into the light and accept it with grace regardless of the timing; recognize its potential. Enjoy the excitement, expectation, and exuberance in untying the bow and pulling away the paper to discover the heart of the matter that hides within.

While it may not be perfect, it can be tailored to make a great fit. Don't forget that in order to make it part of your life, you have to let go of something from your past (a concept based on the Feng Shui principle that when something new comes into your home you must make room for it by getting rid of something old). Believe in the power of now. If you are still unsure of what I am saying, then for the music aficionados out there, listen to the Rolling Stones as they aptly recite, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime you find, you get what you need."

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