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Planting Kindness


Recently, I was in my car sitting at a red light. While waiting, I glanced over at the sidewalk to see a bright green bench hand-painted with the phrase: 

Plant Kindness & Gather Love!

The light changed to green so I missed the chance to take a picture to share it with the Here We Are readers, but the message was loud and clear... The kinder your heart, the clearer your message, the more honest your words, deeds, actions, the more love you receive. Plant the seed of kindness by telling someone you miss them, are thinking about them, let them know what they mean to you; don't be shy. 

I learned a long time ago to always say what you are feeling (especially the good stuff!) to those you care about, and even the occasional stranger, because you never know if you will ever have that particular moment in time again. Think of each chance to share your feelings like offering a flower - you give and you receive - creating a bouquet of wonderful memories for you and your recipient. The time is now to start planting. ~ Luci

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