The Greatest Gift: Time
Wishing You A Sweet New Year

The Light of Hope

Red candles with flameAt this time of year, I usually write a "Happy Holidays" article. This year, in light of the recent evil that took place in Newtown, Connecticut, it doesn't feel right. I, like so many of the broken-hearted, search for answers, pray for the families, demand significant change in the gun laws, and hope that the loss of twenty beautiful, smiling souls impacts our society in a lasting, positive way. So I say to you dear readers, enjoy the special moments not just this holiday season but every day. Notice with all your heart the smallest of things, like a smile, a hug, or a kind word. String them together like lights on a tree and perhaps that glow will fill you with hope, happiness, and inner peace. ~ Luci


Cease, every joy, to glimmer on my mind, 

But leave --- oh! leave the light of Hope behind.

~ Thomas Campbell, Scottish poet (1777-1844)


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