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The Greatest Gift: Time

Recently, I was about to leave a meeting at a colleague's office when I noticed this Post-It note hanging on the side of her printer. While I have heard this sentiment in the past, it had been a while and it reminded me just how important time is to the people in your life. With all the traditional gift giving during the holiday season, I hope this helps remind you, too, that the gift of time is worth more than anything that could ever be wrapped in a box. ~ Luci

%22Gift of Time%22 post-it note

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Louise Hammerson

What a worthy writing! Yes, it is the most expensive gift for all of the time; I guess it's a priceless one. Every gift has love and care of the beloved person, none is less important, but time is truly an exclusive gift. Thanks for making me pleased by sharing a nice one.

Luci Weston

@Thelma: Good point! Well said. Thank you for sharing your perspective.


That's a precious gift but like everything else, we have to be careful who we give it to and how often we give it. If we give it to others too frequently, some of those people may start to undervalue it, when we know just what we are giving up whenever we spend time with them.

However, once someone is precious to us, we should make the time to be with them. After all, they are giving up some of their time to be with us too. Time is one of the only gifts that has to come from both people- both have to give of their time.

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