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October 2012: Homework

Announcement, Updates, Reminders

Close-up of Pumpkin with stemANNOUNCEMENT

Pencils Sharpened: September has come and gone... Could thirty days have already passed by? Now that the summer is a memory, and the Fall season is officially here, there is a lot of homework to do. For me, my October assignment is getting back on track with better, brighter, easier Here We Are articles, the HWA Talk Show, and Chick Flick Chat; what is it for you? No pressure, but I'd love for you to share it in the comments section. No matter what slowed you down (or sped you up) in the back-to-school mania, write down your goals and become a goal getter! 


Ask For An Extension: Animal Intuitive, Susan Ragazzo has graciously agreed to extend her giveaway into November. If you are or have been a pet owner, then don't miss your chance to enter to win a 30-minute Animal Communication session (click link to enter - psst, it's FREE!). The raffle continues until mid-November, but since you are here, sign up now! 

I Got A Rock: Yes, that is my homage to Charlie Brown's Halloween experience... Congrats to Jackie & Frances, the final two HWA readers to each win a Recipe Rock. This concludes the Recipe Rock Giveaway, I hope all six winners are enjoying this handy gadget.


Stash A Scarf In Your Backpack: You never know when an Energy Vampire, Toxic Friend, or Poisonous Pal will be lurking around your locker. It's been a year since I wrote this article, and it continues to be one of the most searched topics. Good news for HWA, bad news for certain friendships... Cover your neck!

October Gemstone of the Month: Opal makes its appearance from milky white to black with its fiery streaks of rainbow colors. The white opals represent purity and virtue; the black opal means magic and mystery. Opals are thought to enhance visualization, imagination, and dreams. 

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