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September 2012: Back To School

Announcements, Updates, & Reminders


A Is For Apple: An apple a day keeps the doctor away... But so does caring for yourself. In the midst of packing away the remnants of summer, it's a great time to shift the focus to yourself, your surroundings, and your goals. Whether you are meeting the teachers, going back to work, weeding the garden, look for the upcoming Here We Are articles featuring ways to better your body, brighten up your morning space, and easily attack a big project.

B Is For Book: Over the summer, I read a ton of books. And by a "ton" I mean that this weekend, I cracked open my fourteenth book since June. Since I like to share with you, I've decided to add a monthly, mini-book review article which will be found under the HWA TV, Film, & Pop Culture category. Each article will feature a handful of books; each book will receive my short, "quick impression, good or bad" analysis. With all the "review" shenanigans going on in the publishing industry these days, I thought an unbiased opinion might be helpful to the HWA readers. 

P Is For Pink: If you live in the tri-state area, please consider attending the Teal To Pink Women's Health event in Montclair, NJ. One of the presenters is HWA contributor, Marie-Christine Lochot, Massage Therapist & Energy Bodyworker. This all-day event featuring an A to Z agenda (Awareness To Zumba) offers something for every woman, and fun for all. 


C Is For Communication: If you are or have been a pet owner, don't miss your chance to enter the current HWA giveaway to win a 30-minute Animal Communication session (click link to enter) with Animal Intuitive, Susan Ragazzo. The raffle continues until the end of September, but since you are here, sign up now! 

G Is For Gift: The Recipe Rock Giveaway has ended, and six winners were selected. So far, those that were claimed go to Debbie W., Michelle F., Mrs. P., and Peggy J. Congrats & enjoy! The remaining two recipients will be announced in the October Updates. If you entered, please check your emails and look for the subject line, "You've won the Recipe Rock Giveaway."


L Is For Limes: If you have a bowl of limes still sitting on your counter or rolling around in your fridge, check out It's LIME Time: 10 Easy Ways To Use A Lime. You won't ever worry about over-buying limes again after you've put them to so many uses!

S Is For Sapphire, September's Gemstone Of The Month: We best recognize the Sapphire in a light blue to a deep dark blue color; but they can also be found in shades of yellow and pink, and sometimes green. This stone is associated with truth, sincerity, and faithfulness; bringing peace, joy, and wisdom to its wearer. It is believed that sapphires carry properties that can help you against evil spirits. [By the way, don't you love the ring in the picture? Gorgeous!!]

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