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October 2012: Homework

The Consequence of Selflessness

Part 15 of the Here We Are Series - Live Your Life Out Loud

Hydrangea with CoriopsisRecently, I overheard one woman telling another the following quote: 

"Selflessness = Invisibility."

It's one of those ideas that your mind picks up but it takes a while for it to register. When I finally got it, I realized it was an "AhHa" moment. Then I shared it with a good friend and she had the same response; because this quote is so profound, I am compelled to share it with you, too. 

If "selfless," by definition, means having, exhibiting, or motivated by no concern for oneself, then why should anyone else care about you or your needs? Interesting concept, startling reality. What are your thoughts? Is it an "AhHa" moment for you, too?

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