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10 EASY Ways To Use Those Extra Coffee Filters

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Dollar sign w bubblesIf you are a coffee drinker, you probably have a box or two of coffee filters still hanging around from the days before individual coffee pod machines and mesh, built-in filters. While you may no longer use them for brewing, they can still be handy around the house... Bonus: Repurposing is eco-friendly & saves money!

Since I still have a few boxes myself, I decided to do a little research on easy, efficient ways to use them up instead of tossing them into the trash. While I came across many suggestions, the following ideas seem the most simple and handy! 

1. Keep your microwave splatter-free by covering a bowl with a filter.

2. Place a filter between stacked tea cups to prevent chipping.

3. Pour wine through the filter to catch any broken cork pieces.

4. Weigh dry foods on a scale using the filter as the container for a truer measurement.

5. Line a potted plant with filters before adding the dirt to allow water to flow through but keep the soil in the pot. (I love this one!)

6. Cut a slit in the middle and put a popsicle stick through it. Voila! No sticky hands!

7. Don't waste paper towels when draining bacon; instead put a few filters on a plate to absorb the grease.

8. Wrap holiday ornaments to separate and protect them when in storage.

9. Take them on a picnic or to the beach and use as disposable snack bowls for munchies. This is so much better than passing around a bag of chips!

10. Clean mirrors with a filter for a lint-free shine.

Can you think of any other handy uses for repurposing coffee filters? Let us know by sharing them in the comments section. Thanks!


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