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Susan Ragazzo: Animal Intuitive and Animal Transition Counselor

HWA Radio Show Mic wtextThe Here We Are Talk Show presents an interview with Susan Ragazzo, Animal Intuitive and Animal Transition Counselor

In this detailed discussion, Susan expands upon her recent HWA guest post, Animal Communication, to explain what this increasingly popular communication method is all about... If you have ever wished that you could talk to your pet, then this is the show for you! 

"I like to think of myself as a translator... that's what I'm doing between the human and their animal." ~ Susan Ragazzo

Dogged by my questions, Susan shares how this process is possible, why it is important, and how it can help you and your pet. During this informative show, we also discuss her work with humans and their pets who are in hospice or who have already crossed over. Plus, you'll hear about a technique Susan uses that directly connects with your pet’s energy which serves to help you deal with the loss of a beloved pet. Bonus: At the end of the show, Susan reveals an upcoming giveaway! 

Pet lover and animal enthusiast - as well as the skeptical but curious - listeners will come away with an understanding and appreciation for this alternative modality. Not sure this show is for you? Then share it with a pet owner, they will thank you!

Susan Ragazzo's gift as an Animal Intuitive opens up the lines of communication between humans and animals. She is passionate about working as an animal communicator, striving to create a greater understanding between people and their pets. Her work as an Animal Transition Counselor offers comfort and peace to those with animals in the afterlife.

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