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A Product Review & Giveaway by Here We Are

Recipe RockI love gadgets AND I love to share things with the Here We Are readers... Say hello to my latest discovery, the Recipe Rock! This ingeniously simple product delivers maximum help in the kitchen and elsewhere. After you use it for the first time, you'll say to yourself, "Why didn't I think of this?" 

The small but sturdy design allows the Recipe Rock to hold up to 8 sheets of paper upright. You just lift the magnetic ball and place your recipe pages against the "rock" part, then replace the ball into position by aligning it with the rock's magnetized center. Done!

It's easy to use and handy to have around the house... Cooks can beat, chop, and stir up recipes without marring printed recipes or beloved, handwritten family recipe cards. If you aren't a cook, it's still a useful gadget for typing at the computer, holding children's artwork, referring to craft instructions, strategic placement of your honey-do list {hint hint}, as a travel substitute for a sheet music stand (thank you to my nephew for this tip), and even displaying invitations to remind you to RSVP. 

I learned about this brightly colored device when preparing for my talk show interview with Ivy Larson of Clean Cuisine and More. Check out Ivy's video demonstration of how to use the Recipe Rock, available for $12.99, at Clean Cuisine and MoreNOTE: If you haven't yet listened to the show featuring Ivy, she is inspirational, and will change the way you think about food!  

Curious about it, I ordered a few to try, giving them to my Mom and sister-in-law to test since they both like to cook; the rocks were a big hit. Since I, too, like this product so much, it's the HWA summer giveaway.

✵✵✵ We are giving away 6 Recipe Rocks in this raffle. Thank you for entering and good luck!! ✵✵✵

Giveaway Follow-up: The Rafflecopter widget has been removed; recipient emails were sent on 8/21. ~ Luci


{Product Review Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid review. No consideration was offered to or received by LUCIMAC Productions [the parent company of Here We Are] in connection with this product or review.}

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