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June 2012: Pineapple Express

Announcements, Updates, & Reminders

Pearl in an open shellANNOUNCEMENTS

Aloha!: Chick Flick Chat is back with George Clooney (hey, a girl can dream!) starring in The Descendants, and masterfully directed by Alexander Payne. Joining me to chat about this film is Guest Co-Host, Debbie Woodbury, of Where We Go Now, a popular website focusing on the many aspects of "survivorship." Beside the casting, acting, and roles for women, we'll be chatting about the messages this film offers on survivorship, life, and unexpected upheaval. This movie is much more than a walk on a Hawaiian beach with George, it represents dark challenges families often face, shocking surprises, and self-discovery. Ho'olu komo la kaua {i.e., Please join us} for this Chick Flick Chat featuring The Descendants on Thursday, June 7, at 10:30am EST as Debbie lends her unique perspective on this thought provoking film. NOTE: If you recognize Debbie's name, she previously appeared as a guest on the Here We Are Talk Show episode, Life Beyond Breast Cancer: Healing The Mind, Body, And Spirit

Hala Kahiki {Pineapple} Gadget & More: If you are lolo {crazy} for pineapple, then watch for the upcoming HWA summer-time articles on my favorite pineapple gadget. Also, on the menu in Lune {June} & beyond is a review of another ingeniously simple product that delivers maximum help, along with a summer giveaway raffle for 6 of these handy-dandy gadgets!

Malihini {Visitor}: Susan Ragazzo, former regular co-host of Chick Flick Chat, has launched her Animal Communication website offering Animal Transition Counseling, Energy Clearing, and Animal Communication services. While we'll hear less from Susan on CFC, she will be writing a guest post this month explaining this alternative healing and communication method, and why it's important to animal lovers and pet owners alike.  


Makana {Gift}: The May giveaway of Parisian's Pure Indulgence Sugared Butter Whip was won by Lauren F. Congrats to Lauren & thank you all for entering the raffle. The June giveaway raffle will launch soon... Psst! I'll be giving out a bunch this time, so be sure to enter! Thanks!

Pa'i Palaoa {Cake}: The HWA recipe for Pineapple Coconut Angel Food Cake has been updated with a picture showing you how to "hang" the bundt pan over a bottle to cool (take a look to see what I mean). If you haven't tried this easy tropical treat, summer is the perfect time... Everyone goes cuckoo for niu {coconut} over this cake!


Lole 'Au'Au {Bathing Suit}:When you are packing for a summer getaway, don't forget the sunscreen - better to look temporarily chalky on the beach than permanently wrinkled every place else - and a pretty cover-up. Not sure what works best to accentuate your assets? Try these suggestions in Beach Cover-Up: Show The Bust, Hide The Butt. 'Nuff said!

Pohaku {Stone}: June's birthstone is the Pearl. It's color is traditionally "white" but can range from white, to cream, blue, green, or black. It is thought to offer healing properties for problems of the heart, stomach, and spleen. It is associated with modesty, chastity, and purity; thus, pearls are often worn by brides on their wedding day.

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