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Animal Communication: Talking To Your Pet For A Deeper Connection

A Guest Post by Susan Ragazzo, Animal Intuitive / Animal Transition Counselor

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Update 2018: Unfortunately, Susan Ragazzo is not currently offering these services.

When you hear the term "animal communicator" it may conjure up the film image of Eddie Murphy, as Dr. Doolittle, talking to the animals. Has the idea ever left you wondering, "Is it even possible to communicate with animals?" My answer is an unequivocal, "Yes!"

My name is Susan Ragazzo, and I am an animal communicator. In the "Dr. Doolittle" movie, we see the use of verbal communication; a necessity for the enjoyment of the audience to hear the story being played out on the silver screen. For me, when I communicate with an animal, it is a non-verbal, telepathic, intuitive exchange. The communicative information comes to me in the form of words, pictures, sounds, and feelings.

Where do I get all this information? It works under the principle that we are all connected by the same energy source. Because of this, when we tap into this energy pool we can easily connect with our fellow earth dwellers, as well as the spirit world. Conversing with animals is quite simple. They are accustomed to telepathic communication as part of their innate abilities. As humans, it is part of our natural ability, too, the difference is that we are taught NOT to "listen" to non-verbal language. 

So why does it matter that we can "speak" to animals? The same reason we cherish communication in our most intimate relationships with other human beings - to deepen our connection with them. My goal as an animal communicator is to help strengthen the human/animal bond and to create a greater understanding and tolerance between the two. 

If you are a pet owner or an animal lover, you recognize that being able to communicate with the animal(s) in your life can offer a different insight into their personality, and give you a greater appreciation of their viewpoint. My work may help to resolve problematic issues, detect information about health situations, and provides a glimpse into your animal's preferences.

As humans, when animals are about to cross-over or have already crossed-over, communication with them can help us process the difficult emotions associated with the loss of our loved one. In my practice, I have encountered many people who carry around guilt about the loss of their beloved pet. Being able to communicate with their animal helps bring closure and healing during this difficult time, especially when the death suddenly occurs. Even if the passing is expected, humans often wonder if the steps they took to ensure their animal's well-being were the correct choices. Connecting with an animal helps their human counterpart understand more about their friend's passing, and can aid in healing unresolved emotions. It is a comforting experience during a deeply emotional time.

Whatever one's reasons for seeking out an animal communicator, there is comfort in being able to "talk" with your animal in a way that transcends all verbal language. Our pets play many roles in our lives. They are often a part of the family, a friend, a confidant, and a companion. By listening to your pet, and hearing their messages, using this alternative method deepens the shared bonds between animals and humans.

Dr. Doolittle discovers this by the end of the movie and decides to use his skills to help humans and animals alike. Similarly, I am honored and humbled to offer my services as an inter-species translator to help bridge the lanugage gap bringing greater understanding, closeness, and healing between you and your pet.

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Luci Weston

@K: Thanks for the Kudos! Susan's article and services are a much needed but little known advantage for animal lovers & pet owners. Happy to see you here at HWA!


Wonderfully written article, so much great information. Thanks for doing what you do for the animals!

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