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What The FUN?

Part 14 of the Here We Are Series - Live Your Life Out Loud

Letter FThis weekend is Mother's Day. Each year, we celebrate the women in our lives who have done so much for us, and sometimes everything for everybody. Whether or not you have children, I'll bet that you do quite a lot for others who may or may not be family. With all the "doing" that women "do" on a daily basis, we often forget to have FUN.

Starting today, when you are doing for others, stop and say to yourself, "What the FUN?" Then make time to have some... Let the "F = Freedom" from: menial tasks that don't mean anything in the long run, fitting in "me" time that makes you happy, trying something new, etc. It's these types of instances that represent Freedom in some form, even if it's only for a short time. That's why vacations are fun!

Letter UWith your selected "F for Freedom," now think, "U = Unburdened." Let go of guilt, worry, fear, uncertainty, or anything else that is holding you back from your particular "F." 

Again, say, "What the FUN?" Let go, and just let it happen; follow it however and wherever it takes you. Enjoy the feelings, revel in the freedom, exhale your emotional restraints so you can experience what "Unburdened" is... Be a kid again, focus, seize the moment, savor the experience. These are the times when you come away saying, "Is it over already?"

Letter NLast, but not least... "N = Now." There is no other time, no next year, or arbitrary date in the future, there is only today, this hour, this minute, this moment.

Seek out what makes you happy, giddy, silly, satisfied. Find what delivers the experience of feeling FREE & UNBURDENED, and do it NOW. Ask yourself each day how F + U + N adds up together in your life. It isn't about shunning responsibilities, it's about embracing the best parts of you that shine through when you are having fun. Remember to say, "What the FUN?"



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Luci Weston

@Nancy Roe: Mine, too! We're all so busy, that fun is often left off the To-Do list. Not anymore!! Thanks for popping by!

Nancy Roe

My new mantra - I love it!

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