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Kelli Parisian: Pure Indulgence & Timeless Beauty

Here We Are Talk Radio Show MicrophoneThe Here We Are Talk Show presents an interview with entrepreneur and beauty expert, Kelli Parisian: Pure Indulgence & Timeless Beauty.

My guest, Kelli Parisian, founder and owner of Parisian's Pure Indulgence, shares all things beauty, PLUS important tips to developing a successful business.

In this candid discussion, Kelli reveals her secret to starting a business with one product (she now offers 45!). It's an approach anyone can use no matter what type of business start-up you have or are thinking about launching. From concept, to branding, to an essential daily MUST-DO, this busy lady gives listeners tips on how she has grown her company.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it can be created by one's approach to health & wellness. Everyone wants to look and feel good. Kelli explains her lifestyle philosophy for women of any age. Her advice, as a woman, and a beauty expert, can help you achieve looking good on the outside while feeling great on the inside. One look at Kelli and it is clear that she lives her message of creating timeless beauty with proven results!

Kelli Parisian is the founder of Parisian's Pure indulgence Organic Skin Care. She Kelli Parisianbelieves every woman possesses a rare beauty, all their own; and for the past 30 years Kelli has been assisting women to discover their unique qualities. After growing up in the California sun, Kelli saw a need for a toxin-free product line that would benefit women with sensitive skin, and be gentle on the environment. Whether it's enhancing women's beauty with her Parisian line of organic skin care, or teaching them how to allow their inner beauty to shine, she is a sought after beauty industry leader for her lifestyle advice, and innovative, effective products.

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