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No matter how "paperless" our lives become, a hard copy of information is often necessary. If you are a blogger you may enjoy offering a PrintFriendly button (like the one above) to your readers. If you are a reader, you will enjoy saving paper, ink, and $$ using the PrintFriendly button. It easily strips away ads, unwanted copy, and extra content that most web pages contain, leaving behind only what you need to include on your printed hard copy. 

After recently discovering this eco-friendly option developed by Taylor Norrish and Manu Janardhanan, I began adding the button to several Here We Are recipes. A nice feature is the option to change the size of the font before printing, which is great for quick glances at a recipe when you're cooking. Check out the option at the bottom of Grilled Salmon: Fast, Healthy, and Easy with Apples & Ginger OR Kiwi & Orange Topping.

You can also email or PDF an article, as well as eliminate sections by clicking a "delete this shadowed area" on the page (when you use it you will see what I mean, it's easy!). The originating link for a page is kept in tact at the top of the printed page to recognize source and lend attribution.

Save a tree... Don't burn money on paper and ink, use PrintFriendly next time you need to fire up your printer!

Check out this 2 minute video about how it all works and more ways to use it:

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