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March 2012: Recipes For Life

Announcements, Updates, and Reminders

Aquamarine, raw unpolished stoneANNOUNCEMENTS

Eat To Live: Searching for ways to eat better, get fit, and feel great? It isn't as hard as it sounds! Tune in on Wednesday, March 28, at 1:00pm EST for the Here We Are radio show, Ivy Larson: Clean Cuisine - It's Much More Than Recipes.

After being diagnosed with early stage MS, Ivy Larson, creator of Clean Cuisine And More, developed a clean eating and healthy living approach that can be implemented into any busy lifestyle. You can do it, too... Join us to learn how!

Chat Stew: The recurring Chick Flick Chat series featuring ABC-TV's reality television show, The Bachelor, continues until the final rose is given out by Ben Flajnik. This month, our Tuesday CFCs will feature The Women Tell All episode on March 5.

A week later, on March 13, after we learn who gets The Final Rose, we'll dish about what happens and to whom.

Then, on Monday, March 19, in the last of this CFC reality show coverage, we'll recap and discuss what was cooked up in this melting pot of bachelorettes stirred by the desire to get a rose; including what we learn during the After The Final Rose revelations.

Pantry Ingredients: This month, we are going back into the cupboard to dust off Shades of Chartreuse ~ Freshly Green Tips... Since spring is on the way, it's the perfect time to revisit this HWA living greener series. Also look for a quick and handy product review; #13 of the Live Your Life Out Loud personal growth articles under our Women In Media & Culture category; my favorite new gadget - it's an oldie but a goodie - but oh so useful; a business how-to of tips for maximizing your interactions; and more!


Pinterest Is Boiling Hot: If you haven't tried Pinterest yet because you need an invitation, I have a few left. Email me (see left sidebar) and I'll send you one {first come, first serve}. And be sure to follow me there!

From The Frying Pan Into The Fire: Facebook rolled out its new "timeline" program for pages. While it wasn't mandatory yet, the Here We Are page on FB is now using this latest format. Thank you to all the recent "likers" and as always, the tried and true HWA followers. Check it out & let us know what you think!


Be a Plum, Not A Prune: If dry, winter heat, and cold weather are wreaking havoc on your skin then use the EXHALE Your Way To Beautiful Skin plan. You'll be plumped up and shining by summer!

Gemstone of The Month: The March gemstone is Aquamarine. We recognize this South American stone in shades of blue green to bright turquoise. Referred to as "water of the sea," it is believed to protect sailors while out at sea. It is also used as a meditation stone, and can bring peace and serenity. It carries the energy for magic, protection, and healing.

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