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Ivy Larson: Clean Cuisine - It's Much More Than Recipes

HWA Radio Show Mic CLICK HERE to LISTEN to the Here We Are talk show featuring Ivy Larson: Clean Cuisine - It's Much More Than Recipes.

We are all searching for ways to eat better and get fit, so we can feel and look great. You've heard that it's about the food choices you make... But how do you narrow down the choices? Where do you start? During this interview, Ivy Larson, co-founder of the Clean Cuisine lifestyle, shares easy to implement tips to get you on the right track.

Learn from this health and wellness expert who knows a thing or two about the benefits of eating well! After Ivy was diagnosed with early stage MS, she and her husband, Dr. Andrew Larson, developed the Clean Cuisine approach as a way to alleviate Ivy's symptoms. It's success lead them to share their clean eating and healthy living strategy to benefit everyone.

No matter how busy your life, you will come away from this show with simple, usable information that will resonate with you the next time you are at the supermarket. Learn about anti-inflammation options, organic vs. non-organic choices, which cans contain BPA (and which brands don't), how food relates to aging issues, and much more at the Clean Cuisine website

I read Ivy's latest book, 30 Eat Clean Dinners, and I am excited to get on the plan. The recipes are easy-to-do, there are well-planned shopping lists, prep instructions, and it provides a variety of different, flavorful meals. There is something for everyone in this cookbook.

After you hear Ivy's story, and understand her approach to food and fitness, you will agree that it isn't hard to begin or improve upon a healthier lifestyle today. Join us to find out how the Clean Cuisine philosophy works for her and her family, and how it can work for you, too!

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