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February 2012: Sounds of Romance

Announcements, Updates, & Reminders


Reading, Writing, Romance: Do you have a passion to write? Dream of getting a book published? Join me for February's episode of the Here We Are Radio Show on February 25 at 11:00 am EST to learn how author, Ruth A. Casie, turned her dream of being published into a reality.

Her first novel, Knight of Runes, is filled with romance, adventure, KnightofRunessmltime-travel, and a heroine who revels in it all! Ruth will share how she juggled a full-time job, a family, community service, writing, and found a publisher all at the same time. Now that she is published, she hasn't slowed down a bit; the book's success has Ruth working on a sequel. We are sure to pick up valuable tips from this busy lady!

Until the Final Rose: The recurring Chick Flick Chat series continues every Tuesday following each week's drama, tears, and competition on ABC-TV's "The Bachelor" show. Here We Are is always adjusting to improve our content and delivery for our listeners and readers... If you are a regular reader at HWA, you'll notice the Chick Flick Chat recaps containing the show links will now include our coverage of 2 "Bachelor" episodes each until the last rose is given away.  

Whether you are a fan of this television show or not, the CFC review and discussion focuses on the representations of the women's roles as the situations are played out on Reality TV. We debate, dissect, and dish the details of what it all means. NOTE: If you miss the live show, you can always hear the recording any time On-Demand. I hope you'll check it out!


Can I P-Interest You?: Yesterday, I received an invitation from a fellow writer and blogger, Janet Aronica, to join Pinterest. I'd heard people raving about it but didn't understand it until I set up my own boards. It is fun - and addicting - but also very useful to visually "track" items you find and like on the internet. If you are already on Pinterest, or join it, please follow me and I will follow back. Thank you Janet & future pinners!

A Beating Heart: Well, not exactly... But you will hear new theme music on the HWA radio show. AND, in addition to Ruth A. Casie, 2012 offers a wonderful line-up of guests who will share their expertise on all sorts of topics to make your life better, brighter, and easier!


Accept Only The Best: If things are not rosy in some of your relationships, take a second look at Love YOU. Now is the time to decide that you will only accept the best for yourself, so reevaluate and clean house! It's still early in the New Year and you'll be light and breezy by spring.

Gemstone of The Month: The February gemstone is the Amethyst. We recognize this quartz in shades of deep purple through mauve. It is known as a symbol for humility and sincerity. The word "amethyst" comes from the Greek word, "amethystos," meaning "without drunkenness" and is believed to protect its wearer from poison. It carries the energy for power, protection, and healing.

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