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Chick Flick Chat: "The Bachelor" Ep. #6 AND #7 of Season 16

Chick flick ChatCLICK HERE to Listen to the Chick Flick Chat review and discussion of Episode #6 of ABC-TV's Season 16, "The Bachelor" show.

CLICK HERE to Listen to the CFC review and discussion of Episode #7.

A bit about why we are covering this reality show... It's about getting to the heart of reality television and how people behave when it comes to relationships, love, marriage, dating, and friendship (especially among women). Unlike actors in a film or scripted TV show, a show like "The Bachelor" puts real people into unreal situations and then uses what is captured on camera to deliver an edited version of real life. What we get as the viewer is a representation of human nature at its best and worst. On CFC, we use the details of what happens on-screen to explore what it all means, how it shapes behavior off-screen, and the messages this medium re-enforces.

Episode 6: Pass the Kleenex... The tears are flowing like rain in Panama City. From tribal body painting, a deserted island romp, some not-so-hot Salsa dancing, to an incredibly awkward kissing lesson, we chat about it all!

Episode 7: It's bikini time in Belize... If you are a bachelorette with a phobia, then this is the episode from hell! But not to worry, the girls still try to impress Ben Flajnik while overcoming their fears. WHY??!! He all but tells us who he will pick. Hint = the helicopter jumping, shark diving, and lobster spearing don't mean a thing to him!

Whether you love it or hate it, it's all open for discussion, so join me to share your thoughts about the upcoming "Home Town" dates! Check out the CFC coverage of Episode #8 on Tuesday, February 21 at 5:30pm EST.

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