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January 2012: Romancing The Stone

Announcements, Updates, & Reminders

loose Garnets, January birthstoneANNOUNCEMENTS 

New Year, Lighter You: Hello to 2012, and good-bye to 2011! While it is technically a man-made calendar date, the start of a new year is a great time to lighten up your stresses so you can Live Your Life Out Loud every day of the year. Now is the time to look back so you can look forward with a fresh approach. Take a long look at what is weighing you down. Clear out last year's clutter, change what needs changing, and toss out any residual baggage.

This will allow you to start the year with clear vision, excitement about the possibilities, and renewed purpose. No matter what it is you desire, it's easier to get there if you are a lean, mean, fightin' machine - access the old, analyze its meaning in your life, then say au revoir (and mean it!). Voilà! You're already pounds lighter on day one of your diet resolution!

Will You Accept This Rose?: I've debated for a long time about hosting a recurring Chick Flick Chat featuring one of television's reality series... Well, since we've already chatted about The Housewives, it's time to chat about the never-ending search for love on reality TV.

Join me this Tuesday at 5:30pm EST for Chick Flick Chat: The Bachelor to dish on each week's episode throughout season 16. We'll chat about the ups and downs of reality dating - the tears, the joy, the ensuing competition to win the bachelor's heart by the 25 bachelorettes - then the final rose. This is not a bash-fest, but a chance to explore what it all means about love, relationships, dating, marriage, and more... Let the drama begin!


Birthstones: Throughout 2011, each Announcements article contained a "Flower of the Month" item in the Reminders section. To continue this tradition in 2012, Here We Are will bring you fun facts on the "Gemstone of the Month." I hope you enjoy learning about each stone as we move through the year.

2012 Bling: The November gift, a gingerbread cookbook, went to Diana P. Congrats! NOTE: The Gift of the Month is morphing into scheduled giveaways and contests that will coordinate with radio show guest topics, specific HWA articles, the HWA video channel, and the HWA page on Facebook... More details will be announced soon! If you haven't yet subscribed by email to this website or liked us on Facebook, please do so to be included, thank you!


Ruby Lips & Lipstick Tips: Throughout the holiday season, I relied on Maybelline's SuperStay lip color. The product stayed in place despite indulging on lots of champagne, chocolates, hello and goodbye kisses, and long dinner conversations. I hadn't worn it in a while and was reminded about how good it really is (just remember to reapply the balm).

Gemstone of The Month: The January gemstone is the Garnet. We recognize this mineral in shades of violet red to a deep brownish-red color. It is known as a symbol for purity, truth, love and compassion. The word "garnet" is from the Greek word, "granatum," meaning pomegranate seed, which reflects the shape and color of the stone. It carries the energy for love, luck, money, and healing.

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