January 2012: Romancing The Stone
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Full Moon Wishes

Part 12 of the HWA Series: Live Your Life Out Loud

Dreamers can find their way by moonlight and their only punishment is that they see the dawn before the rest of the world.
~ Oscar Wilde

This is a picture of the first full moon of 2012 (taken from my backyard deck). As children, we're taught to look up at the sky and "wish upon a star." There are also beliefs about wishing on a "new" moon's crescent. Whatever you like to wish upon, I think you'll agree that the light and energy of a full moon draws us in and calls to us to make a wish, share a dream, express a hope, set a goal.

Each month it shows up in all its glory, not just as a twinkle or a sliver, but as a full-faced presence. It has worked and waited each day to achieve its grandeur for the world to see.

Tonight I made a wish on the full moon, and I encourage you to express a wish, a dream, a hope, or a goal on it, too. Track yourself and see where you are next month. Let its light guide you toward your dreams, month to month, working each day to shine your light on the world! Wishing you fulfillment in 2012!

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