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Chick Flick Chat: "The Bachelor" Season 16, Episode 1

Chick flick textpic2CLICK Here to listen to the Chick Flick Chat review and discussion of ABC-TV's "The Bachelor" Season 16, Episode 1.

NOTE: This is a weekly show for the 2012 season of "The Bachelor," which I am hosting solo - please consider calling in to chat with me when the show airs live!*

What the heck is going on with the never-ending search for love on reality shows!? When I first heard the premise for the original show 15 bachelors ago, I was shocked that anyone (aka a producer) could get 25 women together - on television - to tear it up over a man they've never met. While I haven't watched every season, I have run the gamut of emotions from happiness for certain contestants, surprise by the depth of human drama that is displayed, to utter disappointment in how women (and men) will behave in certain circumstances. 

In Episode 1, there is a lot to discuss; the important first impression steps out of the limo, Ben Flajnik's reactions, and the results of the first rose ceremony. Hear my take on who the producers picked to get roses - yes, the producers - it is a TV show after all, and TV shows need conflict in order to get ratings. Sad, but true!

Then we'll do it again next week on this recurring Chick Flick Chat series following every episode of Season 16 to the Final Rose Ceremony. As we go along, we'll dish and dissect the drama, the tears, the joy, the jealousy, the competition, and the emerging love that is propagated by reality dating. Call in to help me to explore what it all means. Is it real? Scripted? Why do people take this route? And more!

Whether you love or hate this show, watch any reality television, hear about it at the water cooler, or see the video clips... The saturation into our lives is here to stay. If you are interested in the human condition and how the images, behavior, and vocabulary in television and film influence our society, then join me live for these chats every Tuesday at 6:30pm EST.

*Here is the link for the upcoming show covering S.16, Episode 2 of "The Bachelor" series.

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