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Chick Flick Chat: "The Bachelor" S. 16, Episode. 2

Chick flick chatCLICK HERE to listen to the Chick Flick Chat review and discussion of ABC-TV's "The Bachelor" Season 16, Episode 2.

NOTE: If you missed the info regarding this recurring CFC series, check out Episode 1's article for details.

Episode 2: A week later and the drama heated up quickly this season. This is not surprising since the ratings for the first episode were down by 17%. Perhaps a bit of re-editing was performed before Ep. 2's airdate? In any case, we saw two one-on-one dates with Ben Flajnik, the sweet and playful bachelor. According to "Bachelor" protocol, these were successful dates because he gave both girls, Kacie B., and Courtney, roses at the conclusion of their respective time with him.

We were also treated (or shall I say tortured?) to the fairy-tale group date from hell. I won't go into detail here, but on the show I dish the dirt about the corniest of set-ups ever! This ensemble date, complete with taffeta, sparkles, and forced smiles, would make the toughest of competitors cringe with embarrassment.

When I recorded this week's CFC, I didn't realize that the hostility engendered during the group date extravaganza might actually have resurfaced at the cocktail party. The humiliation suffered by 11 of the 12 girls who didn't receive a rose on the group date - after putting aside their self-esteem - was revisited upon the girl who did get the rose, Blakeley. While there appeared to be "production" driven contrived interaction during the party, the display of anger and jealousy by several of the bachelorettes toward Blakeley was appalling. Call her any name in the book, but she may be the only one who understands this is a competition.

Were you thinking that this CFC series featuring "The Bachelor" show is all roses and candy? Not so much so! Join me to chat live about Episode 3 of The Bachelor next Tuesday, 6:30pm EST. Whether you love it or hate it, share your thoughts!

P.S. Thank you to Henry for calling in to ask a very challenging question on the CFC Ep. 1 show; and to Marie for her insightful comment about Jenna on the CFC Ep. 2 show. I loved hearing from you!

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