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Urban Decay Razor Sharp Finishing Powder Puts A Fine Finish On Your Face

A Product Review by Here We Are

Urbac Decay Razor Sharp Powder

2015 UPDATE: The company is no longer selling this product under the "Razor Sharp" name (as pictured). They have introduced a line called Naked Skin Ultra Defininition Loose Finishing Powder. I have not tested the newly named item BUT it appears to be similar, I will update when I find out more. ~ Luci

Three words sum up the effect this product can give you... Fabulous Flawless Finish! At first, I found the claims Urban Decay made about their Razor Sharp Ultra Definition Finishing Powder a bit on the cutting edge of hype. After testing the product over foundation, sunscreen, on bare skin, and as a late day touch-up, I have to agree that this "micro fine powder fools the eyes with 'optical blurring,' and miraculously seems to airbrush away skin's imperfections. It's a smooth, flawless, soft-focus finish that's flattering under even the harshest of lights."

The sponge top applicator is a fun, travel ready, throw-back to the powder puffs our grandmothers used. Razor Sharp is only sold in one translucent "universal shade." This product is all about achieving a fine finish, not about adding color to the face.

The trick is in the application process. While you have less control over the product than with a traditional pressed powder, a little practice will help you achieve the desired finish.

1. To use with the sponge: simply twist the container to release powder into the sponge, then gently puff the product onto your face and neck.

2. Use a dedicated fan brush and lightly brush the "puffed areas of product" downward in long sweeping strokes. If you don't brush it down, you could end up with circles of powder on your face. BONUS: Using downward strokes also helps keep small facial hair down. NOTE: If your skin is very oily, then you might not like the sponge application because you can't clean it (see #3).

3. Alternative use: Remove the lid and pour a little (and I really mean a little) bit of powder into a clean bowl, then use a brush to apply as you would with any loose powder. HINT: Less is more with this method. TIP: Be careful when pouring the product, it is very light and airy and you could waste a lot of it in the transfer.

Even though it is $30.00 for less than half an ounce, Razor Sharp is worth every penny. If you only use the sponge method, the product will last you a while (I average two months of daily use switching between the sponge method and the loose powder application).

It is hard to say if this is the best face powder on the market, but I'd wager it falls into the top ten. Have you tried this product? Tell us about it. Do you have a favorite finishing powder? Share with us because who doesn't want to look good every day?!

{Product Review Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid review. No consideration of any kind was offered to or received by LUCIMAC Productions, the parent company of Here We Are, in connection with this product or review.}

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