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Pretty Gift Ideas For The Holidays & Beyond

Gift Ideas for a Hostess, Co-worker, Neighbor, Teacher, and More - Save Time & Money Throughout The Year

Pink Hat Box with coverNo matter the season, but especially at the end of the year, there is often a need for small, but pretty gifts. With so much to choose from and so little time to run around, I like to order a "collective gift idea" that can be split up and made into a number of gifts.

Doing this saves time because one order can take care of several gifting needs. It also saves money because you only pay shipping fees once. Think of it as a "one and done" shopping chore that can be handy for you throughout the whole year.

While I haven't ordered every item (hint - some of my readers may be seeing a few of these ideas in the future), I have ordered from all of the companies. My experience has been one of excellent customer service and value for the price points.

The Gift Ideas are listed from the non-personal to more personal options. I've included the cost per item with How-To's on maximizing each idea. They aren't fancy items, but with pretty wrapping and a handwritten note, they become special. It is the preparation and thought that count!

Shiny & Bright Candle Accoutrement

Idea: Keep you eye out for a grouping of pretty votive candle holders, sometimes you will see them sold as a half dozen. This can be broken up and repackaged to make a number of gifts... How-To: You could break this grouping up into 6 pieces; but I suggest selecting 2 votive holders for each gift. GIFTING TIP: Always give a complete gift, so include a candle in each holder before you wrap them up. Try aromatic tea lights or votive candles that are all natural, cost effective, and will infuse your package with a delicious scent. TIP: I prefer tea-lights over the larger, traditional votive candles for ease of use and safety. Tea lights don't melt down and get stuck in the holder; plus, the flame stays lower in the container.

Eco-Friendly Tote

Idea: Red Envelope is selling Envirosax Market Bags. Each set is made up of 5 different graphic designs. The set of 5 is $39.95, making each bag only $7.99. There are 4 groupings (one is for kids) to select from and all are very colorful.

How-To: You get 5 gifts from this idea. Each bag comes with its own smaller carrying sack. If you tuck in a small denomination gift card or a reusable water bottle, you can stay under $20 per gift.

Silk Coin Purses

Idea: RSHCatalog has a grouping of 6 assorted color silk coin purses for $19.00. That is only $3.16 each for a handy, happy purse item. {2016 NOTE: These purses sold out hours after this article was published; then the company changed hands. I am leaving the info in place to give you a search idea. ~Luci}

How-To: Add a gift card or lottery tickets in each, zip up and wrap. Add a shiny new penny for good luck, too!



Don't worry that you aren't spending enough by group buying, think of it as a creative way to save money and time while still giving pretty gifts. It's not about the cost, surprising someone during the current economic downturn is very thoughtful. Pretty wrapping paper and a bow also add to the visual enjoyment of receiving a gift for any occasion.

Hurry if you need these items for the holidays, or keep the list and buy afterwards for even more discounts, and store them in a dedicated box. When the need for a gift arises (and it will) during the year, just wrap it up! Do you have a way to save money and still give great gifts? Share your ideas with us!

BONUS: If you need more Hostess Gift ideas, check out last year's suggestions, which are still current and available this year! 


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Luci Weston

@Amorette: Teachers!! That is a deserving recipient that I missed. Thanks for suggesting it. And you are right, these gift ideas would be perfect for teachers and their aides.


Great gift ideas, especially for my daughters teachers!

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