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Fall and Winter 2011: Beauty Tips & Fashion Trends

Microphone for BTR showsCLICK Here to Listen to the Here We Are Radio Show episode Fall and Winter 2011: Beauty Tips & Fashion Trends.

Need some advice on how to keep your skin supple and smooth all winter long? Listen for easy head-to-toe tips to help you look good throughout the long, cold winter ahead.

Curious about mineral makeup and how to use it for a flawless finish? Follow my simple tricks for applying mineral makeup so you won't venture out looking like you are wearing a mask. If you're not into mineral makeup, we've got you covered with helpful how-to's and tips on lipstick, eyeliner, and powder, to keep you up to date and feeling great.

Want to update your wardrobe but not sure where to start? From coats to jewelry, I discuss current trends and how to save money while staying in style. Don't miss my Do's & Don'ts on how to wear popular items like sweater dresses, pencil skirts, animal prints and more! RRrrrr!

This show is not about spending money, but maximizing your dollars while looking good and staying current. The gloves came off in my first solo hosting gig - so whether you're a string bean, carrying junk in the trunk, or somewhere in between - you will come away with ways to optimize your wardrobe this season.

Thank you for joining me... Be sure to let me know your thoughts - and please share the show on Facebook, Tweet it, or tell a friend! Thx!

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