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"We" Turns Three!

October 2011: Spooktacular

Announcements, Updates, & Reminders 

Orange Calendula Flower Closeup ANNOUNCEMENTS

Energy Vampires: Every woman has encountered at least one of these draining monsters. Beware! They appear in all shapes and sizes disguised as friends. Stop letting them drain your blood (oops, I mean energy). Look for the upcoming Here We Are article about "toxic friends." The stats collected by Self.com and Today.com in a joint survey on this scary friendship trend will startle you awake before you get bitten again!

Ghouls Need Not Apply: The last words anyone wants to hear from a crazy roommate is, "I'm home!" Join us live on the air on Saturday, Oct. 15 at 5:30pm EST for our Chick Flick Chat radio show, featuring the films, "The Roommate" & "Single White Female" . Don't be afraid to call-in as we compare and contrast the latest nightmare tale with the classic female fear fest which arise out of twisted friendship plots.

Conquering Frightening Results: If you are lost in a dark tunnel trying to find a Life Beyond Breast Cancer: Healing The Mind, Body, & Spirit, be sure to tune in to this special episode of the HWA Radio Show on Thursday, Oct. 20 at 10:30am EST. Guests, Debbie Woodbury, of Where We Go Now, and Lockey Maisonneuve, both know from first-hand experience about living beyond breast cancer. These ladies will share valuable guidance - from their sought after live seminars - on healing to help you find your way back into the light of life.


Blue Moon Candle's & Eden's Alchemy Ecobadge-1 Gifts Are Brewing: The September gift to one lucky HWA email subscriber, Eden's Alchemy Body Butter, is being provided by EA's generous and talented business owner, Lisa Kasper. Besides the Sept. HWA gift, you still have another chance to win an Eden's Alchemy natural treat... Edens Alchemy Body Butter

No Trick, Just A Treat Giveaway: During Lisa's guest appearance on the HWA radio show, Lisa Kasper, Entrepreneur: Making Scents Of It All, Lisa revealed a "secret word." Listen to the show soon, then email her the secret word (through either of her websites; one email per person please) to be included in a random drawing [Hurry! All emails must be sent in by Oct. 31, 2011]. The gift is an Eden's Alchemy 8 oz. Body Butter, in the winners choice of fragrance.


Bobbing For Apples: It's apple time! Not sure which type of apple to select for baking? Then carry the HWA Shopping List Of The Best Baking Apples to the store and bake up our EASY Apple Tart. Don't worry if a goblin hid your tart pan, just use a shallow pie dish.

Flower of the Month: The October flower is Calendula, AKA, Marigold. This bright yellow to deep orange color flower carries the general meaning of joy, comfort of the heart.

The Marigold, that goes to bed wi' the sun, and with him rises weeping. ~ Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale, Act IV, sc. iii

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Luci Weston

@Rivergirl: LOL! Forget the garlic, try some arsenic in the stuffing. (Just a joke readers, just a joke!)


Toxic friends yes, but how about toxic family? The blood suckers are out in force in ours this season...and garlic isn't working. (o;

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